Mayor Sara: Anakpawis solon serving as representative of terrorists

Anakpawis Representative Ariel Casilao should be expelled by his colleagues in the House of Representatives for serving as the representative of the terrorists, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said in a statement.

“Casilao is an aberration in government. Instead of working to help the workers and farmers he is supposed to represent in Congress, Casilao is now serving as the representative of the terrorists,” Mayor Sara said.

This is after Casilao said “the Davao City mayor is toeing the line of the military and the Duterte government’s security council and defense department. They are in a chorus to sabotage the potential resumption of peace talks.”

“Rejecting the peace talks is like throwing away the aspiration of the people, mostly the poor, to advance their socio-economic welfare,” Casilao said.

The Davao City mayor asked his father President Rodrigo Duterte “to reconsider his decision to reopen the negotiations with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.”

“Mr. Ariel Casilao’s comment on my opinion on the resumption of the peace talks is telling of how the representative of Anakpawis has designated himself as the mouthpiece and the attack dog of the groups responsible for a long list of terroristic activities against the people and the state over the past 40 years,” Mayor Sara said.

“His pontification comes straight from the political propaganda playbook of the terrorists,” she added.

“And if it is the desire of Casilao to continue attacking the government, which he is supposed to be a part of, he should resign and join his brother in the communist movement,” the mayor added.

“I do not need to kowtow to the military or read a document to give my thoughts on the peace talks. My assessment is based on the wisdom I have gained as Mayor and is actually reflective of the sentiments of the majority of Dabawenyos,” she said. “Finally, I urge Mr. Casilao to please tell the international fact-finding solidarity mission — which was composed of NPA sympathizers, by the way — to put in their report that I said NPA terrorists and disorderly picketers in Davao City do not deserve rights accorded to human beings.”