Marines intercept boat carrying sacks of Ammonium Nitrate

Marine Operating Units conducted Seaborne Patrol, on board a Small Unit Riverine Craft (SURC) / Self Reliant Defense Posture (SRDP) boat, and successfully intercepted a motorized banca loaded with 37 sacks of ammonium nitrate (used as a fertilizer and as a component of some explosives), at sea waters of Simisa Island, heading towards Isabela City, Basilan on March 14, 2019.

Naval Forces Western Mindanao photo

The Marine Operating Units were composed of elements from 83rd Inshore Boat Company Inshore Boat Battalion (83IBC, IBBN), augmented by personnel of 84th Inshore Boat Company (84IBC, IBBN), under Philippine Marine Ready Force Sulu (PMRFS).

The said intercepted motorized banca was Jungkong type boat, colored white with 13HP double engine (Honda). It was loaded with 37 white sacks of Ammonium Nitrate (25 kilos per sack) and 1 spare engine.

Subsequently, the said motorized banca was towed and brought to Marine Battalion Landing Team 1 Tactical Command Post, located at Simisa Island, Banguingui, Sulu for initial custodial debriefing of the passengers onboard.

During the custodial debriefing by the PMRFS operatives, it was found out that all passengers of the said intercepted motorized banca were from Tampakan, Laminusa, Siasi Sulu, identified as follows: Mambahu Buhali 48 years old, Jailani Jalali 57 years old, Larry Jalali 25 years old, and Norma Buhali 35 years old (wife of Mambahu Buhali).

The apprehended persons was turned over to Banguingui Municipal Police Station (MPS) Sulu, for proper filing of case and disposition.

Further, on March 15, 2019, the four apprehended persons were transported from Simisa Island, Banguingui towards Tanduh Bato pier, Luuk, Sulu onboard SRDP boat and subsequently transferred to PN vessel, LC297 which transported them to Jolo, Sulu. Afterwards, subject persons were brought to Camp Teodulfu Bautista Station Hospital for medical examination.

On the same day, personnel of PMRFS together with PNP personnel of Banguingui MPS brought the said persons at Integrated Provincial Hospital Office, Sulu for another medical check-up. Afterwhich, they were properly turned over to Sulu PNP for proper disposition.

The Intensive Military Operations and selfless dedications of the government troops particularly the Marine Forces in Sulu had led to apprehension of said motorized banca, loaded with ammonium nitrate. Thru the Naval Forces Western Mindanao, under Western Mindanao Command, the Philippine Navy and the AFP as a whole will continue its effort to deny the presence of illegal activities in its area of operation. Naval Forces Western Mindanao