Marines declare 9th Marine Battalion as operational amphibious ready unit

The Philippine Marine Corps has declared the 9th Marine Battalion as operational after 8 months of “intensive retraining and refurbishing.”

“The 9th Marine Battalion is once again a fully fitted and strong amphibious asset of the Marine Corps,” the PMC said.

PMC commandant Major General Ariel R. Caculitan led the inspection of troops, equipment, and capabilities after the unit has been declared as operational Marine Amphibious Ready Unit (MARU).

“We must be MARU deployable anywhere, anytime when the nation calls for our service. Always remember that we are embarking on a new concept of the Philippine Marine Corps operational domain,” Major General Caculitan said.

According to PMC, the 9th Marine Battalion was established on 4th February 1982 and has a long list of achievements and significant contributions.

“It was assigned in critical areas across the country – Davao City, Sulu, Zamboanga, Tawi-Tawi, Basilan, Quezon Province, Southern Palawan, and Maguindanao – to help quell insurgency and terrorism, secure the coastal areas, and build peace in the communities,” the PMC said.