Marines, Air Force, Army practice retaking military facility

Forces from Philippine Marines, Philippine Air Force, and Philippine Army have simulated retaking Crow Valley Gunnery Range in Colonel Ernesto Ravina Air Base, Capas, Tarlac from the occupying enemy during the Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX) on September 25 as part of bigger Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) multi-service exercise DAGIT PA.

AFP said, during the CALFEX Army, Air Force and Marine forces utilized their ground maneuver, artillery, mortars and air elements to successfully carry out the complex live fire event.

“The CALFEX underscores the importance of interoperability among our ground and air assets during combined combat operations. It also tested our service members’ maneuver warfare skills and fortified their capabilities in fighting together,” said Commodore Adeluis Bordado, Commander of AFP Education Training and Doctrine Command, and DAGIT PA Exercise Director.

DAGIT PA, which kicked off September 16, involves more than 1,500 soldiers from all major services in events such as Air/Maritime Interdiction, Airfield Retake, Military Operations in Urban Terrain, and Amphibious Operations.

It aims to enhance interoperability during joint operations of the Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and Philippine Army. It also employed services and expertise from Special Operations Forces, Cyber Group, and Reservists.