Marine commandant visits Marines in Palawan

Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) commandant Major General Ariel Caculitan visited the Marine Battalion Landing Team 3 (MBLT3) in its headquarters at Barangay Minara, Roxas, Palawan on January 17.

MBLT3 photo

The PMC commandant is on official visit for command visit and talk to men.

“Our very own Commandant Philippine Marine Corps stressed on Four Capability Priorities of the Philippine Marine Corps are as follows: National Maneuver Amphibious Force Capability, Coastal Defense Capability, Special Operations Capability and HADR Operations Capability,” MBLT3 said.

Moreover, Major General Caculitan preside the awarding of deserving officers and enlisted personnel of the unit in recognition of their outstanding achievements and invaluable contribution towards the accomplishment of the unit mission in the previous year.

“Let’s contribute to the success of the organization. Let’s put value to the organization, later on the organization will also take care of you. And I hope and I pray that each individual Marine will align with what we had crafted leading to the development of those major capabilities and bringing about a smarter Marine Corps. I hope that you challenge your self. Let’s be SMARTER Marine. Let’s be the SMARTER Marine Corps organization,” the Marine commandant said.