‘Maraming hindi na-gets’: Roque explains ‘We beat the UP prediction’ statement


“Maraming hindi na-gets ‘no,” Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque said, during an interview with Karen Davila on July 1, after his statement “Wala na po, panalo na tayo. We beat the UP prediction po. We beat it! So, congratulations, Philippines! Let’s do it again in July” earned negative feedback.

“Well, you know, the UP forecast actually is based on a mathematical model ‘no. They forecasted that we will have 40,000 cases by yesterday and we do have means by which to prevent or slow the spread of the disease. The Department of Health has said that the wearing of masks will reduce the probability of getting COVID by as much as 85%, the social distancing would reduce of probably getting it by 80% ‘no. Add constant handwashing and use of disinfectants, we are not as powerless as we think against the disease even if there is no vaccine and there’s no cure to the disease as of yet ‘no,” Secretary Roque said.

“So what I was exhorting the people to do is given the mathematical model that we would have 40,000, we should take steps to not realize the 40,000 and we succeeded at least in the month of June because we succeeded in the sense that the total number of COVID cases were at 37 and not at 40,” he explained.

“It’s a small victory but still a victory which means that with behavioral change, we can prevail over the disease,” the presidential spokesperson said.

“I was congratulating the people not the government’s efforts ‘no because in the end, it’s the people that will determine how fast the disease will spread ‘no. Now I think I’ve clarified the issue on backlogs, it’s not as high as 9,000 or some quarters claim, it is actually 1,000 ‘no and this is after verification with both Secretary Vince Dizon and the DOH. And so the figure remains at 37,000 ‘no and that is the context by which I congratulated the people and I think we should continue to encourage people to try to beat the forecast of how much COVID-19 cases we will have. If the forecast is 60 to 70 in July 31, we should all strive to reduce it as much as [garbled] we have against COVID-19, the wearing of mask, social distancing and good hygiene,” he said.