Mahal ang bala, lubid nalang: Duterte on method of death penalty

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he prefers the use of rope for the proposed reinstatement of death penalty for illegal drug dealing and plunder.

“Death penalty for plunder at saka drugs. I am for it. If you are not a plunderer, if you do not have the money in the bank, why should you be afraid?” President Duterte said at the inauguration of the Candon City Bypass Road on July 25.

He added that he supports putting the minimum threshold for death penalty related to plunder at 50 million pesos.

“Ako naman, ang aking take diyan is ayaw kong magsayang ng bala. Mahal ‘yang isang bala ng M16. Siguro mga 70 pesos ‘yan. So sabi ko ‘yung lubid nalang, ‘yung gawa ng La Union,” the President said.