Lorenzana directs lawyers to look into defense treaty with US

National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that he has directed their lawyers to start looking into the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) between the Philippines and the United States.

“Let us look at it dispassionately without considering past ties, considering future ties. Dispassionately. Ito bang treaty na ito still serve our interest as a nation?” he said during a press briefing in Malacañang on December 28.

He said the goal is to see if the MDT should be maintained, strengthened, or scrapped.

He said that everything will be considered in the review. “Everything, everything, everything. The dynamics going on all over the world,” he said.

He added that the National Defense Act of 1935 is also due for review.

“The National Defense Act of 1935 is still the law that is being followed by our military. It was 1935, for a long time, much has happened,” he said. “So, that is part of the law that I am trying to review also so that if we can, maybe, we could convince Congress to amend it, to align it with what is happening now in our life as a nation.”

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