LOOK: US Navy turns over 5 Pinoys rescued in WPS to PCG

The United States Navy has tuned over to Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) five Filipino fishermen who were rescued in West Philippine Sea on October 9.

US Navy Military Sealift Command’s fleet ordnance and dry cargo ship USNS Wally Schirra (T-AKE 8) rescued the five Filipino fishermen off an adrift and distressed boat in West Philippine Sea.

“Upon receipt of information from the Duty Operator of Subic Port Control Mr Ebner Alberto, the team immediately proceeded on the said area onboard PCG’s Diesel Fast (DF)-313 to fetch the rescued fishermen from the US Navy Ship,” PCG said.

“The survivors were safely transferred to the craft and subsequently brought to Coast Guard Station Subic for immediate medical attention and investigation,” it added.

PCG said investigation showed that around 7 pm last October 3, the fishermen’s boat “J&J” was hit by about 70-80 kilos blue marlin which caused it to submerge. They survived by using empty gallons and styrofoam as floating devices.

They were rescued by US Navy October 8.

“The fishermen salvaged what they could from the rapidly sinking boat, removing the outriggers and planks to turn it into a raft with floats and barrels underneath for floatation,” said civilian mariner Leon Hadley, chief mate, USNS Wally Schirra. “They took with them some rice, clothes, batteries, an 8-watt bulb, an AM-receive only radio and a handheld GPS. They had no water.”

“On average, death results two to three days after a diet of drinking undiluted salt water or urine in survival-at-sea events as it takes more water than is consumed for the body to process the waste and salt out of the kidneys, leading to a build-up of salt and toxic ammonia in the body which only deepens the cycle and quickly leads to death if not stopped,” said civilian mariner Leon Hadley, chief mate of USNS Wally Schirra. “We’re all lucky we found them when we did.”

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