LOOK: New PHL coast guard asset made in France spotted

Photos of the first of four 24-meter fast patrol boat 72 (FPB 72) Mark IIs built by French shipbuilder OCEA for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) were uploaded in a Twitter account of French @Marsattaqueblog.

@Marsattaqueblog photo

The said vessel will be officially known as BRP Boracay (2401) when commissioned to coast guard service.

The Philippine government has a contract with French shipbuilder OCEA for the delivery of four brand new FPB 72 Mark IIs and one 82-meter Offshore Patrol Vessel 270 (OPV 270) for PCG.

The five vessels will be acquired through Philippine Ports and Coast Guard Capability Development Project.

@Marsattaqueblog photo

In September 2017, the Certificate of Contract Effectiveness for the implementation of the Philippine Ports and Coast Guard Capability Development Project was signed by the Department of Transportation and OCEA.

“The vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2018 for the 4 FPB 72 and in 2019 for the OPV 270,” OCEA said.

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