Locsin orders check on reported presence of Chinese survey ship in Reed Bank

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodor Locsin, Jr. has ordered Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Office of Asian and Pacific Affairs (ASPAC) to look into reported presence of Chinese survey vessel in Reed Bank in West Philippine Sea.

According to Twitter account @JAVAPRINCE4, citing data from Marine Traffic, “XIANG YANG HONG 14 departed from China on July 22, and arrived in the Reed Banks on August 6.”

Commenting on the said post, Secretary Locsin said “I know there was permission for a US survey ship, then a French one though I can’t remember when that was from the undiminishing pile of sheets on my table. @DFAPHL ASPAC check on this.”

“What I know is there’s very little interest in marine surveys of SCS by Western outfits; they don’t think much of the prospects in our neck of the woods. Like I told Israeli friends, “We’re both God’s Chosen. In parts of the globe awash with oil & gas, He didn’t give us shit”,” Locsin added.