Locsin amends foreign marine survey ban by adding China

“I banned marine survey ships, amending restriction to France & Japan by adding China. To pick & choose invites suspicion of favoritism. Will universalize the ban. Period,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said in a Twitter post August 12.

“Granting exception to one country will automatically lift ban universally. Exceptions invite bribes,” he added.

When asked by maritime law expert Jay Batongbacal if “could we please allow at least Philippine MSR to push through? UP had taken initiative of organising MSR projects but also got banned bec[ause] we invited foreign scientists or asked to use foreign ships. We end up losing opportunities 4 tech transfer & experience,” Locsin said “only if you are on board the survey ship; you and Senior Justice Carpio’s law clerk on secondment.”

“Also I want to see academic qualifications of the UP guys looking for a cruise. No PoliSigh and the rest of that mushy crap. Hard sciences. Also everyone has to sport a crew cut to go with the mission. There’s a reason it’s called “crew”,” he added.

“Philippine marine survey? You don’t need permission for that. O crap, with foreigners on board. But our marine survey ship, right? Or what would be the difference?” Locsin said.