Lifetime ownership of mobile numbers being pushed

With the Lifetime Cellphone Number Act, you can now keep your cellphone number for life, said Senator Win Gatchalian who is the author of the proposed law.

Gatchalian delivered his sponsorship speech on January 15.

According to the senator this measure will give consumers the power to keep their cellphone numbers for life, even if they change service providers or switch from postpaid to prepaid subscription, and vice versa.

He said consumers are reluctant to change telco service provider even if services do not satisfy them because changing telco service provider means changing mobile number, they fear that they might lose their important contacts in the process.

With his proposed law, Gatchalian promises to remove the “shackles” that hinder users from leaving their service provider and transfer to provider that offer “the best customer service, the best network, and the best quality of service”.

Senator Gatchalian added that in light of the expected entry of new telco players, a cellphone number should become an extension of every subscriber’s “digital identity”, so that consumer loyalty will not be determined by the fear of losing their numbers but through the dynamism of competition among players.