Lacson: Observe protocols, we might wake up as China’s colony

Senator Panfilo Lacson warned that if protocols on dealing with foreign state aircraft will not be properly implemented Filipinos might wake up one day with Philippines already a colony of China.

Senator Lacson said, in statement to media, that there is “strict internationally accepted standard protocols that must be followed before a state aircraft – more so a foreign military plane – is allowed to use our airspace.”

“For one, a request through proper diplomatic channels is made beforehand, and the same is forwarded to the defense department who will either approve or reject such request,” he said. “If these protocols were followed, there is no reason why our concerned government officials should not make public the same. Being silent or vague on this issue will only raise more questions.”

“If such protocol was not observed, and worse, if our concerned officials were not even aware until such Chinese military aircraft had already landed, then, we acted like a province of China rather than an independent and sovereign state,” he explained.

“What if a hundred Chinese military aircraft suddenly request to refuel simultaneously in NAIA, Mactan airport, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Clark? We might all wake up a colony again, this time by China,” the senator said.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said in a statement that as per records of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Chinese aircraft bound for Cairns, Australia made a technical stop in Davao City on June 8 for mere refueling.

“Relevant government agencies closely coordinated for the aircraft’s refueling, which followed established procedures,” Roque added. As verified and reported by CAAP, no movement of passengers was made outside the terminal building. The Chinese aircraft used a local handler, Transnational Aviation Support Service, to arrange the requirements for the permit. The flight was given an entry and exit permit, like any other private flights.”

“The same courtesy is extended to Philippine Government aircrafts when technical stops need to be undertaken,” he said.