Kung gusto ninyong magluko, huwag ngayon: Duterte warns government officials


President Rodrigo Duterte has warned government officials not to commit corruption specially during this time when a pandemic is ongoing.

“Alam mo isang bagay talaga na alam ng lahat is itong pa-dilly-dally, patamad-tamaran. Kailangan pagpasok ng papel, process mo kaagad. I-linya mo ‘yung – you line up the tables where the papers should go one after the other para madali,” President Duterte said in a message to nation aired evening of March 24.

“Cut red tapes. I do not want red tapes. I do not want so many questions. Pagka sinertify ng isang government employee ‘yan, I said, do not commit a mistake and we will all be happy and comfortable. Huwag ninyong… Kung may… Kung gusto ninyong magluko, huwag ngayon itong panahon na ito,” he said.

“To my fellow public servants, let us set aside our differences and work in solidarity to overcome this pandemic. We only have one common enemy and that is COVID-19. Our transparency, integrity, accountability and responsiveness are needed and I expect all of you to exercise all these in safeguarding our fellow Filipinos,” the President said.