Jordan offers APCs along with attack helicopters to PHL

Earlier this month, in a couple of speaking engagements, President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that the King of Jordan, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein will be giving the Philippines 2 “beautiful” and “expensive” gifts.

“Dalawang magaganda – mahal. Hindi natin kayang bilhin,” Duterte said describing the offered present quoting a defense official.

“Sabi ko: Ano ito diyamante? O baka isang harem ibigay niya sa akin ‘yung extension? Sabi ko: Ano ito? So actually tulong sa arms,” Duterte said in another event.

According to MaxDefense Philippines, Jordan offered two Bell AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters for the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

“The Philippine government needs to have the helicopters repaired and refurbished through the Jordanian Armed Forces, and the work, plus shipping to the Philippines, paid for by the Philippine government,” MaxDefense noted.

MaxDefense, basing information from several sources, added that it appears that the second gift is dozens of M113 tracked armored personnel carriers (APCs).

“They (M113 tracked APCs) would also be donated, although the agreement involves the Philippine government paying for the repair and refurbishing done through the Jordanian Armed Forces, plus paying for the shipping of the armored vehicles to the Philippines,” MaxDefense said.

“No exact variant or quantities were provided to MaxDefense as of yet, but it is said to be, at least, more than 60 units, and MAY even include specialized models of the M113 family. These vehicles are said to have been part of those already stored by the RJA as they receives newer armored vehicles from other countries,” MaxDefense said.

“Since this not yet finalized deal between the Philippines and Jordan, there is still a chance that either or both offers from the Kingdom of Jordan may not proceed,” it noted.