Joma Sison must be having nightmares: Panelo

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founding chairman Jose Maria Sison must be having nightmares, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said when asked about Sison’s remarks saying President Rodrigo Duterte is heavily bribed by China and the United States government can back a coup d’etat against him.

“That’s a wishful thinking coming from a tired, old, failed revolutionary. He has to wake up from a half century of sleep, it was fifty years. Fifty years they’ve been fighting and it’s even – as one of my staff lawyer says, it’s ironic; but to me not only ironic, it’s pitiful that this man has to rely on a foreign country to effect a change of leadership in this country,” Panelo said.

“It is an admission in fact that their revolution has failed. It’s wish thinking. Why? Apart from the US will not listen to him – a country which he abhors in the first place, he hates to the bone – Filipinos trust this President. The military and the police love this President,” Panelo added.

“Not only misplaced, he’s absolutely false. What bribery is he talking about?” Panelo added. “He must be having nightmares.”