Japan sends off 3 aircraft for Philippine Navy

Japan, through its Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), sent off the three TC-90 aircraft it donated to the Philippine Navy on March 21 at Air Training Group Tokushima.

JMSDF photo

“Based on the Agreement concerning the Transfer of Defense Equipment and Technology with the Philippines in February 2016, JMSDF has cooperated with Philippine Navy regarding the education for Philippine Navy pilots and the support of maintenance service for Philippine maintenance team,” the JMSDF said.

Navy spokesperson Captain Lued Lincuna said that these aircraft will be welcomed next week, March 26. These three Japanese aircraft are part of the five-aircraft donation made by the Japanese government.

The first two aircraft arrived March 27, 2017. The first aircraft was activated on November 21, 2017.

The second aircraft was activated last week, March 19.

“The threats that we face as a maritime nation, namely piracy, terrorism, border protection and even climate change dictates that we must be perpetually ready to address any contingency. In time, this aircraft will be deployed in areas of critical interest to our national security. The experiences that we as a navy will gain from the utilization of this aircraft will hopefully prepare us for a strong and credible navy that we all dream to be,” Philippine Fleet commander Rear Admiral Danilo R. Rodelas said during the activation of second TC-90 aircraft.

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