Japan, PHL sign exchange of notes to enhance defense capabilities, undertake MRT-3 rehab

The Philippines and Japan signed exchange of notes on two official development assistance (ODA) projects geared towards enhancing defense and transport capabilities at DFA Home Office on 07 November 2018.

The grant aid on UH-1H parts and maintenance equipment involves Japan’s grant of some P5 billion worth of spare parts and maintenance equipment of UH-1H helicopters, to be used in the Philippine Air Force’s activities related to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, transport, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Meanwhile, the project on the MRT-3 rehabilitation involves the complete rehabilitation of MRT-3 to restore its design capacity and reliability, the general overhaul of MRT-3’s entire fleet of 72 Light Rail Vehicles and day-to-day maintenance. The approximately P17.79 billion loan facility will be used to cover the railway line’s trains, power supply system, overhead catenary system, radio system, CCTV system, public address system, signaling system, rail tracks, road rail vehicles, depot equipment, elevators and escalators, and other station-building equipment.

Secretary Locsin: “Throughout the years, Japan has vigorously and unfailingly supported the priorities of the Philippine government for the wellbeing of the Filipino people—and in particular through economic and development assistance as well as in enhancing our defense and security capabilities. It is help that has no agenda but friendship, decency, and a deep and abiding regard, as much for the safety and wellbeing of neighbors, as for oneself.” DFA

Source: https://www.facebook.com/dfaphl/posts/1165410270280472