Japan, PHL naval, air assets train in Palawan

The Philippine Navy’s Naval Forces West (NFW) has conducted a Search and Rescue Training Exercise (SAREX) and Photo Training Exercise (PHOTOEX) with Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF).

NFW photo

NFW Headquarters deployed BRP Federico Martir (PC385) and one Islander plane, NV312, to participate in the training activity with JMSDF destroyer JS Samidare (DD-106) with two (2) SH-60K patrol helicopters and 200 crews onboard on May 15, 2019.

The training activity was conducted in a pre-designated area within the joint area of operations (JAO) of NFW in Eastern Palawan.

This training, which featured some of NFW’s surface, and air units interoperating with a foreign navy is aimed at expanding information-sharing capabilities, improve interoperability among military and law enforcement agencies in the region, and provide opportunities for both navies to gain good working experience in a joint environment. NFW