Japan giving PHL 13 high-speed boats at ‘Duterte’s direct request’

The Japanese government, through a grant aid worth 600 million yen (270 million pesos), is providing the Philippine Coast Guard with 13 7-meter high-speed boats, Rigid Hull Inflated Boats (RHIBs).

According to Japanese Embassy in Philippines, the 13 RHIBs are being “provided in response to President Duterte’s direct request.”

The first batch consisting of 3 RHIBs was turned over in November 2017.

The turn over was held during the commissioning ceremony of 3 Parola-class Multi-Role Response Vessels (MRRVs) BRP Capones, BRP Suluan, and BRP Sindangan – financed, designed, and built through Japan’s support.

The second batch consisting of 4 RHIBs was turned over on March 28 during the commissioning ceremony of Parola-class MRRVs BRP Cape San Agustin and BRP Cabra.

“The vessels and boats will enhance the Philippines’ capabilities for law enforcement, help in the prevention of maritime accidents and in the conduct of quick rescue operations, and contribute to the overall improvement of maritime security in the Philippines,” the Japanese embassy said.

“The provision of these vessels and boats is expected to further strengthen the strategic partnership between Japan and the Philippines,” it added.

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