Japan financing development of road network in Mindanao

The Japanese government is providing the Philippines with a loan provision of up to 202.04 million US dollars for development of a road network that supports the foundation of people’s lives in the conflict affected areas in western part of Mindanao.

Japan Foreign Minister Taro Kono and Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin, Jr. signed and exchanged notes concerning the said loan provision on February 9 in Davao City.

“The poverty rate of the conflict affected area in Mindanao is the highest in the Philippines due to limited infrastructure investments and other reasons. In particular, development of road network in the region is lagging behind other areas in the country,” the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“This project will contribute to developing a road network that supports the foundation of people’s lives in Mindanao; by improving access to public services such as schools and hospitals; and by revitalizing economic activities in the region,” it added.

The Japanese ministry said Japan will support the region in the course of the establishment of a new autonomous government in Mindanao scheduled in 2022, with making local people feel the benefit of peace and with contributing to realizing long-cherished peace.