Israel supplying PHL with fast-attack interdictor crafts including knowledge transfer

Shipbuilder Israel Shipyards, through a contract signed with Israeli Ministry of Defense and Philippine Department of National Defense (DND), will be supplying the Philippine Navy with fast-attack interdictor crafts (FAIC) including knowledge transfer.

Department of National Defense (DND) spokesperson Director Arsenio Andolong confirmed, in report by, that the customer being referred to by Israel Shipyards last week was Philippines.

Israel Shipyards noted that the contract includes transfer of knowledge regarding the construction of the vessel. It also noted that it will conduct training at the customer’s facility regarding construction of Shaldag MK V sections as well as maintenance of the vessel.

In January this year, DND awarded Israel Shipyards LTD and Rafael Advanced Systems LTD contracts in connection to the said acquisition project for Philippine Navy.

The acquisition project will provide the Philippine Navy 8 new units FAIC-M with Shaldag MK V as platform. Four will be equipped with missile systems. The acquisition is a government-to-government deal with Israel’s Ministry of Defense International Defense Cooperation Directorate (MOD SIBAT).

The first contract, which covers the platforms, was awarded to Israel Shipyards with contract price of USD127.9 million. The second contract, which covers the weapon systems and missiles, was awarded to Rafael with contract price of USD79,379,995.00.

According to report by PNA, 4 of the FAIC will be armed with NLOS missiles with pinpoint accuracy and a range of 25 kilometers while the other four will be armed with machine guns and light automatic cannons.

Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo said in December 2020 that negotiations regarding the said project “resulted in the provisions for an additional one unit with one set of remote combat weapon systems (on top of the programmed eight units FAIC-M) for the PN and an upgrade of the Naval Ship Yard – without additional cost to the government.”

Vice Admiral Bacordo also noted that delivery of FAIC-Ms, which will replace the force of patrol killer medium (PKM) or medium-sized patrol craft, is expected to start in 2022.