Israel delivers 2 air defense radars to Philippine Air Force

The physical delivery of 3 ordered Israeli-made ELM-2288ER Air Defense & Air Traffic Control Radar AD-STAR for Philippine Air Force (PAF) is completed with arrival of final 2 radars, MaxDefense Philippines said.

The Philippines ordered 3 ELM-2288ER radars from Elta Systems via government-to-government negotiation with Israel under the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program Horizon 1. The first radar for Paredes Air Station in Ilocos Norte was delivered 4th quarter of 2017.

Air Force commander Lieutenant General Rozzano D. Briguez said during Senate session on January 16 that their radar system already covers the northern portion of the country.

“In nine months time, I think the radar system in Mount Salakot will be up and running,” Briguez also noted that time.

MaxDefense said that “by now it is expected that both radars should already have been installed, although there could be integration works still ongoing, and its highly possible that both radars are not yet operational. It may take some more time, maybe a few more months, before the radar systems are ready and integrated into the Philippine Air Defense Control Center.”