Indonesian Aerospace in talks with PAF for another NC-212i order: Jane’s

Indonesian state-owned aerospace company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) also known as Indonesian Aerospace is in talks with the Philippine Air Force (PAF) for a possible deal for another batch of light-lift fixed-wing NC-212i aircraft, Jane’s reported.

PAF is already operating two Indonesian-made NC-212i aircraft delivered in June this year. The Philippine government contracted Indonesian Aerospace to build two NC-212i aircraft in January 2014.

PAF is also using previous generation of NC212. “Compared to the previous NC212, the new model has a carrying capacity of 28 passengers, a digital avionic and next generation autopilot. It features a ramp access, next generation navigation and communication system, as well as, cheaper operational cost. Moreover, the said aircraft is capable of taking-off and landing on unpaved runway,” PAF said.

PTDI’s manager for market penetration and networking Dadhik Kresnadi, as quoted by Jane’s, said “the aircraft type is very suitable for the Philippine Air Force’s requirements as it is very versatile and can be configured quickly for a number of missions, including troop transport, paratrooper dropping, medical evacuation, cargo transport, and maritime surveillance.”

According to MaxDefense Philippines, PAF requires at least 6 more light tactical aircraft under the light-lift fixed-wing aircraft acquisition project, however, no budget is allocated for additional light-lift fixed-wing aircraft under Horizon 2 (H2) of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program “unless extra funding becomes available on top of the Php301 billion H2 allocation.”