Immigration legal team recommends deportation case against Chinese in taho incident

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) Legal Division recommended to file a deportation case against a Chinese national who was arrested by the Philippine National Police (PNP), Saturday for throwing soybean curd drink to a police officer.

The Chinese was identified as Zhang Jiale, 23, who threw a cup of soy bean curd drink to a police officer after being lawfully prohibited from entering the MRT station with a beverage.

“Our Legal Team saw that there was probable cause to file a deportation case against her,” said BI Spokesperson Dana Sandoval. “The BI can file a case motu proprio, especially since there are photos showing what happened, ” she added.

Zhang became viral on social media after photos of the incident circulated online. She later claimed that she was “just in a bad mood” and apologized for her actions.

Sandoval disclosed that Zhang may face deportation for posing as a risk to public interest in violation of Immigration laws.

BI Commissioner Jaime Morente expressed his dismay towards the incident. “This is an utter display of disobedience and arrogance against a person of authority. The Bureau will not tolerate such acts, as this shows disrespect to the country,” he said.

Zhang reportedly last arrived in Manila on October last year with a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa.

Sandoval said that Zhang will automatically be placed in the Bureau’s watchlist upon approval of the deportation charge. Bureau of Immigration