‘Iisang Dagat’ boomeranged on China: Carpio

Retired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio said during an online forum with Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) on April 27 that the music video “Iisang Dagat” released by the Chinese embassy boomeranged on China.

As of posting time, the music video in Youtube has 2,693 likes and 168,923 dislikes. The Chinese embassy said the music video is dedicated to “everyone who has contributed to the fight against the epidemic from both countries, especially the China Medical Expert Team to the Philippines.”

Retired Associate Justice Carpio said “it’s very rare that there are overwhelming dislikes than likes. So you can just see that it has boomeranged. It has boomeranged on China.”

“It has made the people more angry at China, because they have taken advantage of the pandemic,” he added.

“We all know this pandemic came from China and China has tried to suppress information at the start and now China is selling us equipment, face masks, and personal equipment for hospitals,” Carpio added. “I think even other countries in Europe found that what they bought from China were substandard and they returned.”

He noted that in the Philippines, medical equipment and supplies bought from China should be investigated if they are compliant with WHO regulations

“I think China is trying to make up for its failures at the start of the pandemic, and also at the same trying to take advantage of the pandemic in the West Philippine Sea, in the Vietnamese, and Malaysian EEZs. Definitely China is taking advantage,” Carpio said. “But of course there is a push back. People just don’t buy that and that is shown in the video the Chinese embassy released, people saw through it and say they don’t like it. I think it boomeranged on them.”