If SND clueless about China Telecom-AFP deal, time to install radar system in his office: Recto

“If the Secretary of DND was left clueless about the China Telecom-AFP deal in his own backyard, then maybe it is time to install a radar system in his office,” Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph G. Recto said in a statement.

This is after National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said “I am traveling when this came out. When I inquired the CSAFP (Chief of Staff, AFP Gen. Benjamin Madrigal Jr.) said the MOA is going to my office for my approval. So now I am aware of it and I will scrutinize it carefully before giving my approval. I’ll be back in Manila on the 20th.”

Senator Recto said that “if this deal can fly stealthily under the nose of the man responsible for our nation’s defense, then it raises anew the vulnerability of our borders from intruders.”

“The project to allow a Chinese telco to install towers inside our military camps should have been cleared at the highest level due to its security implications,” Recto added.

“The concern that these could morph into embedded listening devices, and that the project is like letting an electronic Trojan horse into our camps, should have been subjected to third party expert study,” he said. “This is the clean bill needed before the project can be greenlighted.”

“Before the AFP brushes aside well-meaning reservations about this project, it should note that citizens are merely using its talking points against the planned lease to Chinese companies of three islands off the northern tip of Luzon,” the Senator said.