I will suggest to mayors that we start lockdown sooner: Cavite governor


Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla said in a statement that he will recommend to city and municipal mayors the enforcement of lockdown.

He explained that test results show that there was an increase of COVID-19 cases during a period when some residents of Cavite disobeyed quarantine rules.

“Covid positive patients usually take up to 2 weeks to show symptoms. Ang mga numero ngayon ay dahil sa nanyari nuong April 6-10 (including testing time). Ito yung panahon ng katigasan ng ulo at walang paki alam sa patakaran,” Remulla said showing an increased number of COVID-19 cases.

“I take full responsibility for this. I should have enforced the VE ECQ earlier. I will confer with the Mayors later and getma consensus on lockdown rules,” he said.

“I will contact the Philippine Army later for additional reinforcements. Let’s get ready. I will suggest that to the Mayors that we start the Lockdown sooner. Please prepare,” he added.