I take no offense at the President’s comments: Senator Dick

“I take no offense at the President’s comments,” Senator Dick Gordon said in a statement after President Rodrigo Duterte hit him for for his comment regarding the President’s practice of appointing newly retired military officials.

Gordon said the statement he earlier made was “in good faith and out of concern for our country and the President, whom I consider a friend.”

“I also have great respect for the military and the armed forces because they are the protector of the people and the State. However, at the same time, we want to assure the public that we are not militarizing the government,” he added.

He added that “in the Senate and in my entire career, my record speaks for itself. I have always supported a strong military, with a credible air force, navy, and coast guard. I will continue to do so because I believe that we need to strengthen the military in order to protect our country, especially during these challenging times.”

“I am happy that the President is concerned about my waistline, but he need not worry about that,” he added.

Senator Gordon said his wife has seen to it that he have reduced his waistline significantly of late. “But I appreciate that he is concerned about by health as I am about his,” he said.

President Duterte said during the 28th Founding Anniversary of Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) on August 1 “ang hinahanap ko dito pati doon, men of integrity and honesty, kung hindi mo alam ‘yang salita na ‘yan. Kaya huwag ka masyadong – sabi ko nga ikaw na – para kang penguin maglakad.”

“‘Yung utak mo Dick, nagtutunaw, napupunta diyan sa tiyan mo. You are a fart away from disaster. Intindihin mo muna ‘yung tiyan mo bago ka makialam sa trabaho ko,” Duterte said.