I love China, but is it right to claim the whole ocean? – Duterte

“I love China, it has helped us a bit. But it behooves upon us to ask: Is it right for a country to claim the whole ocean? Only just leave the high seas as it was during the old days of international law,” President Rodrigo Duterte said at Nikkei’s 25th International Conference on the Future of Asia on May 31 in Japan.

“China Sea is at stress. We are friends with China. I am the moderator country for China and the ASEAN. And the last thing I heard was the conduct of the sea is just about two years away,” he said.

“We are friends with China. I would not want to impose my own – it would be my last word, but if I get to get a chance to visit Beijing again, I’ll try to talk to President Xi Jinping,” President Duterte said.

“And the longer it takes for the issue to be there, it is always a flashpoint for trouble. Not only that because of the absence of the conduct of the sea, France, Britain, but America are also testing the waters,” he added.

“I am sad and bewildered not angry because I cannot do anything. But I just hope that China would come up with the conduct of the sea soon and somebody should reach out to the United States. Because if you leave it to them to talk, nothing will happen,” Duterte noted.