Gripen ensures PHL sovereignty, interoperability with allies – SAAB

“Gripen guarantees the ability of the Philippines to cooperate with its friends while always protecting its national interests,” Swedish aerospace and defence company SAAB said in its brochure available in its online booth at Philippine Air Force (PAF) Symposium 2021 website.

SAAB is offering the Gripen for PAF’s Multi-Role Fighter Acquisition Project.

“As a national asset, Gripen ensures sovereignty in all domains and supports your independence. With maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities all located within home borders, the system gives the Philippines the freedom to control its own future,” SAAB said.

It also noted that the “Gripen provides supreme operational performance, flexibility, availability, independence and cost-efficiency, whatever the mission. Interoperability is a given: every aircraft can use the Link 16 network to work with NATO and other allies.”

“Gripen‘s superior flexibility is underlined by the wide range of weapons it can accommodate. It operates with the very latest and best-in-class weaponry, including the MBDA Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM),” SAAB said.

The Swedish company also highlighted Gripen’s scramble and turnaround time. “Gripen can be airborne within just 60 seconds of the scramble alert,” it said. “Rearming with a full load plus refuelling takes only 10 minutes, with just 5 ground crew required. Gripen is always combat-ready.”

It also said that “aircraft can be delivered just 24 months from the contract effective date, so squadrons can start using the fighter in record time.”