Government launching largest social protection program in PHL’s history: Duterte

The Philippine government is launching its largest and widest social protection program, President Rodrigo Duterte said on March 30 during a public address.

“The government is now launching the largest and widest social protection program in our country’s history – pinakamalaki itong tulong na ibibigay ng gobyerno sa mamamayan sa history natin, eh ngayon lang tayo nagkaroon ng problemang ganito – to make up for the loss of economic opportunities due to the quarantine measures in place for COVID-19,” President Duterte said.

“We have allotted 200 billion pesos for low-income households who are badly affected by the current crisis. Sila ang nasa informal sector and those who live day-to-day on subsistence wages or “no-work, no-pay” arrangements,” he explained.

He said that beneficiary-households will receive emergency support for two months based on the regional minimum wage.

“However, I still count on everyone to also look out after their fellowmen – their countrymen. To those who have more in life, I implore you to share in the cost of taking care of the less fortunate and keeping our society intact. They have also contributed to our prosperity in one way or – so, let us support them in this crisis,” President Duterte said.