Gordon highlights urgent need to modernize the Armed Forces


“We must remember na ang modernization ng military natin mag-uumpisa dapat yun noong pang 1995 and even earlier dun sa Bases Development Conversion Authority na dapat gagamitin yung pera from the conversion of bases para makabili tayo ng modern weaponry. Right now, we are debating all the time all this need for our armed forces to modernize while other countries have already fully modernized,” Senator Dick Gordon said.

The senator has emphasized the urgent need to modernize the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The AFP Modernization Act or Republic Act 7898 was signed into law in 1995. It mandated the modernization of the AFP “to a level where it can effectively and fully perform its constitutional mandate to uphold the sovereignty and preserve the patrimony of the Republic of the Philippines.”

AFP Modernization Act was amended in 2012.

“Nakakagulat ito, nakakagimbal! Eto na dinidila-dilaan na nila ang ating mga isla, yung Spratlys, yung Scarborough Shoals, pero wala tayong sense of urgency,” Gordon said. “Akala natin may panahon tayo, pero China has built airfields, in 15 minutes, their airplanes can be here. Yung kanilang mga barko, in half a day they can be here.”

“Kung meron tayong mga gamit, kaya ng mga sundalo natin yang gamitin para labanan ang mga kalaban. Sabi nga ni Winston Churchill, give us the tools and we will finish the job,” he added.

Source: http://senate.gov.ph/press_release/2018/0224_gordon1.asp