General Albayalde denies intimidation for favorable media coverage

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Police Director General Oscar Albayalde said that the PNP is not intimidating media to produce favorable coverage to PNP.

He said that the visit of policemen to a newspaper office in Bacolod City was not to force favorable coverage.

“Of course not,” Albayalde told reporters on October 8. “I suggested, the commander should be able to relate to the public. Hindi ‘yung PO1 ang pinagsasalita niyo.”

Albayalde said it is better if the commander is the one speaking to the public specially when their is an incident. “He has to explain, he has to inform the Filipino people,” he added.

“That’s why I encouraged, during our last command conference, I encouraged our commanders to encourage also their commanders on the ground na as much as possible sila ang magsalita, they should be the one responsible informing the people,” he explained.

General Albayalde said the policemen’s intention in visiting the newspaper office in Bacolod is for “close coordination and collaboration to help inform the Filipino people.”

“Eh kung favorable coverage, eh ‘di wala na sanang masasamang comments. This is press freedom. Whether it is bad or good, walang problema sa amin. We’re not asking for favors. We’re asking for close coordination and collaboration to have the people informed,” he said.

“There is no such intimidation. Ganito, parang ginagawa natin (press conference) every Monday, so we will keep the Filipino informed of what’s happening. Ganyan rin ang gusto nating mangyari sa baba. Back when I was still a junior officer, ‘pag may magandang accomplishment ‘yung pulis natin, nakikiusap tayo kung pwedeng i-publish para hindi naman yung puro masasama ang napa-publish. ‘Yun lang ang gusto natin,” he explained.