French warship arrives in Manila

French Navy Floréal-class light surveillance frigate FNS Vendemiare (F-734) arrived in Manila on March 12 for a good will visit.

French Navy Rear Admiral Denis Bertrand said, as quoted by CNN Philippines, the visit “is an example of our willingness to be here side by side, with our friends of the region of the Pacific, with the view to enhance our relationship and cooperation.”

“Our attachment to the rules-based order for example, regarding the use of the United Nations Convention for the law of navigation. This is the most important for us,” Rear Admiral Bertrand said.

FNS Vendemiare has a standard displacement of 2,600 tons and weighs 2,950 tons when fully loaded. It has a length of 93.5 meters (about 307 feet) and a beam of 14 meters (46 feet).