France thanks Philippines for successful return of 406 French citizens

“The Embassy of France addresses its warmest gratitude to the Filipino authorities, most notably the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Transportation, and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, as well as the administrators of the Cebu-Mactan International Airport and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, for the active and constant support that they extended in the organization of this flight and in the success of this operation,” the French Embassy to the Philippines said in a statement.

The French embassy said through a special flight at a negotiated rate guaranteed by Qatar Airways and organized by the French government, a significant number of French tourists stranded in the Philippines were able to return to France from March 24 to 25.

“406 French citizens contacted by the Embassy were able to return to their country from Cebu and Manila,” the French embassy said.

“The Embassy also thanks Qatar Airways for having provided this special flight with great efficiency at such short notice, particularly in the context in which air traffic had been profoundly affected by the impact of the global epidemic, COVID-19,” it added.

“The Embassy of France to the Philippines is continuing its efforts, in liaison with the Filipino authorities and its partners in the European Union, to ensure that tourists from France and from other European countries may be able to return to their respective countries at the soonest possible time,” the embassy noted.