France ready to assist PHL strengthen its navy

The French government is ready to assist Philippines strengthen its navy, this was expressed by French Ambassador to Manila Nicolas Galey as French Navy Floréal-class light surveillance frigate FNS Vendemiare (F-734) visits Philippines.

FNS Vendemiare arrived in Manila on March 12 for a 4-day goodwill visit.

“A country like the Philippines with so many islands and so many waters to control and preserve needs a navy or ships, in this field we have a lot to propose to the Philippines,” Ambassador Galey said as quoted by Manila Bulletin.

He said France can help Philippines “build its own at the second stage.” “We will propose – the training, maintenance, construction. It’s a very specific approach that we have and that was successful in many parts of the world, including in Southeast Asia.”

Meanwhile, the Philippine Navy said the visit of FNS Vendemiare “is expected to further strengthen the France-Philippines relations which also benefits both armed forces.”

“The fitting reception bestowed by PN is a manifestation of a sustained promotion of peace and stability, and enhancement of maritime cooperation through naval diplomacy and camaraderie,” Philippine Navy added.