Fishermen in Palawan gets tracking devices

Futuristic Aviation and Maritime Enterprise Inc. (FAME) in partnership with Department of Science and Technology (DOST) distributed free portable tracking devices to 70 fishermen and boat operators in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on October 9.

FAME, according to its company profile, is providing reliable, secure, easily deployable and affordable solutions to connect devices for real-time intelligent monitoring and management of resources – in maritime, aviation, land transportation, enterprise applications.

FAME CEO Arcelio Fetizanan Jr. said that the devices can provide real-time vessel tracking information from locations where there is no available cell phone signal.

“Ito ay e-install sa mga bangka nila at sila ay nata-track kaya feel safe tayo at any given time kasi alam natin kung nasaan sila. Both sa web at mobile apps ay makikita ang information,” Fetizanan said as quoted by PNA.

“May mga lugar sa dagat, sa laot na walang signal. Kaya napaka-importante na ma-track ang iyong location,” he added.