First arrival of Philippine forces 70 years ago commemorated in South Korea

The first arrival of Philippines Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK) to South Korea 70 years ago was commemorated at the Korean War Monument to the Philippine Armed Forces in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do.

The commemoration hosted by South Korea Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs (MPVA) was attended by United Nations Command (UNC) Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Stuart Mayer.

“What is remarkable is that this newly established nation, still recovering from the ravages of the second World War and dealing with its own Communist insurgency, was so quick to answer the call,” Vice Admiral Mayer said.

“We commemorate the dedication and sacrifice of the Philippines Expeditionary Force to Korea: men who, at a time of peril and while rebuilding in their own country, took up arms to defend a country few had heard of before, let alone visited, and who did so because they believed in freedom for all and not just for themselves,” Mayer added.

According to United Nations Command, the 7,420 service-members from the Philippines fought under one flag?? to restore peace on the Peninsula. 112 of them perished for the cause.

United Nations Command said that from the first, the Philippines has stood with the Republic of Korea, and the successors of those original combat forces have continued to play a meaningful role in UNC ever since.