Filipinotown welcome archway rising in Los Angeles, CA


The office of Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell said in a release, June 12, that Historic Filipinotown Eastern Gateway will soon rise to serve as a welcome to Historic Filipinotown neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.

According to O’Farrell’s office, the gateway will serve to honor Filipino heritage.

“This project represents a continuation of creating landmarks celebrating the diversity of the 13th District and the City,” Councilmember O’Farrell said. 

“Once completed later this year, Historic Filipinotown will have a permanent reminder that  showcases the beauty and storied history of the Filipino community. I’m proud to have partnered with Commissioner Jessica Caloza, Bureau of Engineering, one of the great Filipino artists of our time Eliseo Art Silva, and community members who have contributed their efforts, creativity, and ideas toward this soon-to-be point of pride for the neighborhood,” O’Farrell added.

Silva said the gateway will be named as “Talang Gabay: Our Guiding Star.”

“This magnificent new gateway will welcome everyone to Historic Filipinotown. It’s a fitting tribute  to the many courageous men and women on the frontlines – brave warriors such as our numerous Filipino healthcare workers. The Gateway not only signals that  Filipino Americans have finally arrived,  – it also symbolizes the valor of the frontliners in our city,” Silva explained.