Filipinos troops in Korean war deserve title of Heroes: Korean envoy

Republic of Korea (ROK) Ambassador to Philippines Han Dong-man attended the 68th Anniversary of Korean War as Guest of Honor and Speaker on June 25 at Korean War Memorial Pylon, Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, Metro Manila. Philippine Army Vice Commander Major General Robert M. Arevalo hosted the Wreath Laying Ceremony.

Philippine Army photo

The event marked the 68th years of Korean War that broke up in Korean Peninsula wherein 75,000 troops of North Korea poured across the 38th parallel pushing into South Korea.

The Philippines sent a total of 7,420 gallant and courageous Filipino Soldiers to compose the Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea (PEFTOK) as among the first to heed the United Nations’ call to lend a helping hand to South Korean during the time when their hopes, lives and freedom were put into peril.

“The PEFTOK deserve the title of Heroes, because without their sweat, blood and tears Republic of Korea will not be enjoying the peace, democracy and economic prosperity that it has today,” the South Korean envoy said.

The Philippine Army said as a token of ROK appreciation, the Ambassador granted scholarships to 187 PEFTOK beneficiaries composed of 40 from the elementary, 100 in high school and 47 in college.

“The PEFTOK heroism will never be forgotten and our generation shall be inspired by the bravery and heroism of our veterans that is worth emulating for the youth and the new breed of soldiers who work for peace in the country side,” Major General Arevalo said.