Filipino seafarer in tanker seized by Iran treated well, allowed free movement

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said in an update the the Filipino crew member of MT Stena Impero which was seized by Iranian authorities is in good condition along with other crew members.

DFA said through the Philippine Embassy in Tehran, the government continues to monitor developments related to the seizing of MT Stena Impero on the evening of July 19 while transiting the Strait of Hormuz.

“Ambassador to Iran Wilfredo C. Santos reported to the Department that Embassy officials were allowed onboard the vessel on 26 July 2019 to talk to the Filipino seafarer who was part of the crew along with 22 others,” DFA said.

“The Filipino seafarer is well and in good spirits, and said that the crew are treated well and allowed free movement while inside the vessel to go about their normal duties,” it added.

DFA said the vessel crew also given the opportunity to communicate with family and allowed Internet access from time to time.

“The Filipino seafarer requests that his family be taken care of while the vessel is embargoed in Iranian waters and also extends his gratitude to his manning agency and the Embassy for their assistance,” DFA ssaid.

“Embassy representatives assured him that they are working on ways to have him and his crewmates released.”

“MT Stena Impero is presently at anchor in Hormozgan Province in Iran, which is also home to a major Iranian naval base fronting the Persian Gulf,” it added.