Filipino, Korean firearms makers partner to strengthen research, development

Filipino firearms manufacturer United Defense Manufacturing Corporation (UDMC) and Korean rifle and pistol parts maker Dasan Machineries Co., Ltd. have entered into a joint venture to strengthen weapons technology research and development (R&D), and overall business development, UDMC said.

“With the joint venture, production of finished rifles and pistols under the brandname “UDMC-Dasan” will be introduced,” UDMC said.

UDMC said the joint venture aims to develop market for M4 and M110 rifles both in direct impingement and gas-piston driven models and the F90 bullpup platform of assault rifle, an upgraded version of the Steyr AUG, a design that will position itself as a better alternative to other bullpups now being offered in the global market.

“The two companies will continue to offer their 1911 pistols in both single stack and high capacity models for the military and commercial markets, as they embark this year into the striker-fired high capacity pistols for offering to the law enforcement and commercial markets,” it added.

The joint venture also made a proposal to expand the capacity and modernize the Department of National Defense (DND) – Government Arsenal (GA) under several joint venture models, including an equity joint venture to the extent that it may be allowed by law.