File impeachment, I will show how not to run properly a government: Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte challenged his critics to file an impeachment case against him for allowing Chinese fishermen to operate in country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) which is also being claimed by China.

“I-impeach mo ako? I-deliver ko kayo sa Beijing lahat. You try that. You want me, not only to violate the Constitution. How can I protect the resources when there is nobody to eat it? How can I protect the fish there and the — and the produce of the land kung walang kakain? G*** ba kayo?” he said.

President Duterte has said that asserting Philippines’ rights now in the EEZ that is also being claimed by China mean war.

“You try to impeach me, do that. And I will tell you. Subukan ninyo. I am challenging you to do it. You really want to force my hand into it? Okay. P***** i** ninyo gawain ninyo ‘yan. Sige. File it. Tingnan mo kung saan ka lang,” he said.

“Sabi ni — sabi ni Erap sa kangkungan kayo. Do it to me. Ako ang — you f*** with me, ipakita ko sa inyo kung how not to run properly a government,” he added.

“You want to force me to go to war. America will not go to war. Two reasons: there must be an aggression sa atin. We are being attacked violently. That is the first condition in the treaty. And the second condition is that it must pass Congress,” he said.

“Eh war man kaya ang pag-usapan natin. Hindi man kaya tayo matatakot mag-war. So what do you think if they will exchange blows there? Look at Vietnam. They asserted their coastal lines. O ‘di they attacked the Coast Guard of the China. They got a bloody nose,” he added.

“‘Yan ang gawain ko? Kabago-bago nitong mga frigates ko tapos itapon ko doon. Kamahal niyan. ‘Yan pa nga niyawyaw ni Trillanes eh. Sa kanila pa lang… Hindi na ba sa panahon ko,” President Duterte noted.