EDCA mukhang ayaw na rin ni Presidente: Panelo

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said in an interview with Failon Ngayon on February 13 that with the way he sees President Rodrigo Duterte there is a possibility that the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) will also be scrapped.

“The way his body language says mukhang ayaw niya na rin ‘yan. Considering na sinasabi niya it’s about time we stand on our own, strengthen our resources, our capabilities of defending our country. We cannot be relying forever, cannot be a parasite to every country na gusto nating tumulong sa atin,” Secretary Panelo said.

He added that the President was right in saying that having countries to rely on in terms of security and defense, there is a possibility that no move will be done to strengthen own capabilities.

“Paano ‘pag bigla kang binitawan? Edi wala na tayo,” Panelo noted.

However, Panelo said that President Duterte will let the Senate review the Mutual Defense Treaty.