Dutrerte: Influx of illegal Chinese workers not OK, but don’t be rough

“Yes, they should be deported. But in the same manner, you should be careful because when you point to the Chinese you also point yourself at us,” President Rodrigo Duterte said, when asked regarding the influx of illegal workers from China, during a press interview following the Inauguration of the Bohol-Panglao International Airport on November 27.

“There are so many thousands of Filipinos working there or went inside China as tourists and working there. Nakaganun ‘yan eh,” he explained. “Remember it’s not just exploiting a story about the Chinese working here. We are doing the same thing in Malaysia. There are a lot of our women are there — in Indonesia, in China, in Korea.”

He added that in Korea there are a lot of Filipinos working without proper permit.

“Ang mabuti’t na lang sa Korea kasi I think the Koreans is a race which remembers gratitude,” he said. “Kaya they are soft only on Filipinos because we fought the Korean war. But we should not also abuse that privilege that they are lenient in issuing visas to Filipinos kasi nga alam nila tumulong tayo. But that should not be a cause for abuse.”

“So ang sabi ko, we are complaining about the so many — not only Chinese but Indians — are here also working, and a host of other nationality. Remember that we have also exported the same problem to them,” he added.

President Duterte emphasized that the setup is not good amid its complexity.

“It is not okay but there has to be an arrangement there. So if you think that you are at a loss, at a disadvantage because there are so many Chinese nationals working here. Remember that we have the same equal amount of people — Filipinos who are there working in China. But wala naman silang idineport (deport). So maybe you can just tell them to go home,” he said.

“Otherwise, if you start to get rough on this issue, there is a distinct possibility that it will also happen to you. So you know when you sail your ship of state, you avoid turbulent waters,” he explained.