Duterte’s statement on selling assets for COVID-19 response, mark of true leader: Lacson


“President Duterte’s pronouncement to sell all assets of the government, if it is needed to bolster the government’s response to the COVID-19 threat, is thus a mark of a true leader,” Senator Ping Lacson said in a statement after President Rodrigo Duterte said on April 9 “‘pag wala na akong makuha and we are about to sink and really sink, I will sell all the assets of government tapos itulong ko sa tao.”

“This is a time for the survival of our people and the whole country as well, and the President must think of anything, even the most extraordinary measure, to save us all,” Lacson said.

“I would have done the same for my men in my previous life if it came to that – and even with my Senate staff now,” he added.

“As I have said before, these are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary measures,” the senator said.