Duterte wants funds ready once COVID-19 vaccine is available

President Rodrigo Duterte said during his talk to people aired midnight of May 19 that he wants funds to be available once vaccine against COVID-19 becomes commercially available.

“A pharmaceutical called Moderna… I think I heard South Africa or — I don’t know what is the legal residence of this corporation, but mayroon na silang tests  — with “s”, tests — na showing positive results,” the President said.

However, he said the vaccine from Moderna may be commercially available in 2021. “Mayroon ng vaccine but ang problema it will be ready, according to them, by 2021 pa. January at the very — at the earliest. So kung ganoon ‘wag ka sanang mamatay hanggang January, hintayin mo ‘yung vaccine,” he said.

“Iyan ang good news talaga. That is what I was really hoping for, the vaccine. Because ang kalaban ng vaccine isa lang talaga, it’s — ang kalaban ng COVID, it’s the vaccine that can really fight the infection,” he explained.

“I’m looking for money to — balikan ko ulit dito kasi nag-usapan — nag-usapan tayo ng pera na may pera ako pangbili ng vaccine just in case somebody else would beat the Moderna to the vaccine. I think China has already won. We are just waiting for the announcement,” he explained.

“Many countries are on the verge of — lumalapit na sila, malapit na sila sa vaccine. Naghahabulan. But from the — judging from the time the COVID started up to now, I’m sure that they have made a lot of progress in finding the vaccine. Nakahanap na sila. Kailangan may pera ako niyan kasi bili kaagad tayo,” President Duterted said.