Duterte wants election of new president before move to federal charter

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Friday, July 6, put forward a proposal to terminate his presidency before the start of a new charter as he scoffed at criticisms that he wants to extend his term.

“Sabi nila gusto kong ma-Presidente. Itong mga opposition, they are so engrossed na every time they look at the proposal sa Constitution, ‘Ah, Duterte will make it longer for him to stay in power,’” he said in a speech at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City.

The Consultative Committee tasked to review the 1987 Constitution has approved the draft of the proposed federal constitution on July 3 and hopes to submit the draft to President Duterte on or before July 9.

“I will make a proposal. The Constitution [is] now being reviewed by the Congress, but the Constitutional Convention Committee of Justice Puno can make this correction and I suggest, and I would like [the] Congress to approve it,” he said.

“Make my term co-terminus, with the beginning of the draft constitution. Make me stop being President during the transition. In other words, elect a President before you make the transition from unitary to federal. I would be willing to accept the proposal. Galing na sa akin ‘yan,” Duterte, whose term will end in 2022, said.

The Chief Executive told the Consultative Committee to make the final changes and “Make me President only next year, 2019, and I will accept it.”

“Trabahohin ninyo. Make the changes now. Make me resign or ask me to step down by a Constitutional fiat that there will be an election before we proceed with the adoption of the Constitution,” he said. PND

Source: http://pcoo.gov.ph/news_releases/duterte-wants-election-of-new-president-before-move-to-federal-charter/